L&Q sign one-year extension with npa24:7

L&Q one of the UK’s leading housing associations and one of London’s largest residential developers has extended its ‘Out of Hours’ telephone call handling service with npa24:7.

This is an extension to an initial 12-month contract which npa24:7 was awarded following a stringent tendering process in 2016.

Working with npa24:7 is enabling L&Q’s customers to tackle some of the most pressing emergency challenges and issues they encounter ‘Out of Hours’ with ease and speed.

With over 90,000 homes making on average 1,000 emergency ‘Out of Hours’ calls over the weekend, L&Q need fast, easy, and cost-effective ways to answer those calls and deploy contractors to meet those householders’ needs.

The npa24:7 capability enables L&Q to meet this demand.

Gary Robson, Director of Customer and Digital Services, L&Q said, “I was very happy to extend the contract, it was an easy decision. npa24:7 has provided excellent results for our customers, has been easy to work with and more importantly delivered substantial cost savings.

“npa24:7 is one of the UK’s leading providers of ‘Out of Hours’ call handling management services to Housing Associations. With their experience it was obvious that handling our customer contact would not be a stretch, this was very reassuring.

“This as well as a compelling business case that met our criteria for cost and quality more than impressed us and we welcomed the opportunity to forge a new partnership with the fresh approach offered by Nick and his team.

“The npa24:7 team was very personable and credible with significant experience in the sector. We recognised quickly that these were people that we could trust and work closely with and I’m happy to say that following a successful first year those initial instincts were correct.

“The way in which npa24:7 operates, resulted in the team being up to speed on L&Q’s processes and culture within a short amount of time. We have built a very healthy partnership over the past year which has enabled us to build upon the experience and skills of the team.”

Nick Haycock, Managing Director, npa24:7 said, “I’m absolutely delighted that L&Q have extended their contract, which was an option included in the original tender. Over the past 12 months KPIs have been consistently met for service levels and quality of work since the start of the contract. Naturally, there are always areas for improvement, however we have been swift to respond to any training needs that have been identified. That’s the way we operate, meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.”

Gary Robson Director of Customer and Digital Services, L&Q added, “As one of the largest social landlords in the country, we tend to do things our own way. Having a partner that is able to respond with open communication and not just offer a one size fits all approach has been invaluable.”

Nick Haycock, Managing Director, npa24:7 finished by saying, “I can’t emphasise enough the importance we attach to quality customer care, which is a key driver for the highest levels of satisfaction, especially for the most vulnerable, difficult or distressed tenants.

“With our expertise and specialist training we give Housing Associations peace of mind that their tenants will be treated with fairness and integrity regardless of their need, want or requirement. We appreciate and understand social issues.”