Partnership continues between Hastoe Group and npa24:7

The Hastoe Group (Hastoe) has used npa24:7 and before that Homeserve and AON for many years.Hastoe transferred to npa24:7 when it was formed following the successful acquisition of the Housing Association and House Builder business from Homeserve back in 2014.

Hastoe has been a strategic business partner of npa24:7 for over four years now, with npa24:7 providing ‘out of hours’ call handling services on its behalf.

With a great working relationship, a proven record of achievement over this time npa24:7 is honoured to announce that this partnership continues.

npa24:7 supports Hastoe across all its footprint, for the delivery of all the Out of Hours calls and repairs across Devon, Cornwall, and South London.

Having spent many years building a partner network of professional and fully qualified contractors npa24:7 has nationwide coverage.Contractors are vetted and checked, they are constantly monitored, and managed closely to ensure the quality and service they provide meets stringent quality and service expectations.

“We do far more than just call handling in quite separate parts of the company and we’re always ready to step in when the in-house team reaches full capacity, said Nick Haycock, Managing Director, npa24:7.

Ian McIntosh, Senior Procurement Manager, Hastoe Group said: “Hastoe has worked with the npa24:7 team for 15 years. We are pleased with the service they provide which is competitive, customer focussed and reliable. We take comfort in the fact that npa24:7’s management team is experienced, approachable and forward thinking.

“npa24:7 has given us great service, a niche provider with housing stock spread across over a very wide geographical footprint, and therefore we have no hesitation in continuing this relationship.”

Nick Haycock, Managing Director, npa24:7 said: “Hastoe is England’s largest rural Housing Association with over 7,500 homes.It has schemes in 275 different villages, many being in remote locations, and operates in 70 local authority areas.It is committed to providing high quality affordable and energy efficient homes.”

“So, delivering great customer experience is imperative and providing a unified approach is how we provide second to none customer service.”

Housing Association tenants can be vulnerable and it’s imperative that they are dealt with, with the utmost care, consideration, and empathy.

Operators receive specialist training to support Hastoe in handling their most vulnerable, challenging, or distressed tenants to ensure that their issue is listened to and addressed efficiently and appropriately on Hastoe’s behalf.

“We take ownership of emergencies and see issues through to resolution.This creates a continuity of service for our clients, which builds confidence, trust, and knowledge.We take responsibility to ensure that whatever the issue is, it gets fixed,” concluded Nick Haycock, Managing Director, npa24:7.