City & Country team up with npa24:7 to handle their out of hours' emergency calls

Npa 24:7 the new home specialist has been appointed to handle all out of hours’ emergency calls for City & Country following an extensive review of the market.

City & Country wanted to ensure they continued to offer their customers excellent customer service out of hours, but needed a supplier that not only tailored their services to deal with their listed development, but also had their own network of contractors in place as a backup should their nominated contractor not be able to attend.

“When looking for an out of hours provider, we needed to partner up with a flexible company that could understand the unique nature of our business. Working with listed buildings means that there are some quirks and differences to our properties which npa:247 have taken on board and have worked with us to tailor the service our customers receive. A huge attraction for us was that npa24:7 are able to not only deploy their own contractors but always try our nominated contractors first which gives them the opportunity to respond and rectify their own defects. If our nominated contractors do not attend, the log of the sequence of events is crucial for us in recouping costs and having npa24:7’s list of approved contractors is invaluable as it means we can rest assured our customer’s issue will be resolved.”

Pectra Acred – Customer Liason Manager – City & Country