Our clients trust us to take the hassle out of changing contact centres.

Our client relationship team received a call from a company who were in the process of bringing their services back to the UK and wanted to partner with us.

The customer was using a call centre based overseas, but they had made the decision to move this scheme back to the UK and placed it with us. Through this relocation, we took on handling all of their claims and complaints handling. Our client relationship team worked closely with them to create a bespoke plan of what services they wanted us to provide, and during what hours. The entire relocation, from that first phone call to us completing the transition, took only 4 weeks.

“As with all of our clients, we worked closely with this company to create a totally bespoke service to suit their needs.” – Gemma Buxton, Client Relationship Manager.

In this situation, our team was able to work with the company to establish their requirements and quickly and seamlessly transfer over their calls to our contact centre. By contacting us, they were able to utilise the years of experience our client relationship team has in handling situations exactly like these. As always, we strive to only be seen as an extension of the services that a company already offers, and we ensure this through working closely with our customers.

Overall, this customer trusting us to take on their complains and claims calls helped them to have a stress-free transition from their old call centre.