Pronounced eye-da,
ida™ is our interactive diagnostic application

Built in house to be totally bespoke, ida™ was created to guide our team and your customers through a serious of diagnostics to assure clients that all options have been exhausted before contractors are deployed.

Due to the detailed process, ida™ instils certainty in our advisors’ abilities and expertise so that they know exactly what they’re talking about. It also helps our advisors to walk your customers through several ‘self-help’ tips, giving them the ability to diagnose issues themselves and potentially resolve them without the need of contractor deployment.

This means a reduction of the number of emergency callouts and the costs associated.

Using these soft fixes, we reduce the amount of deployments and cut out unnecessary costs. A client has reported that since the implementation of ida™ they have reduced emergency callout costs by 35%.

ida™ ensures that we follow your company’s guidelines down to how we process your policy agreements and answer your home emergency enquiries consistently – it’s outsourcing made easy.

As well as the above, ida™ allows specific instructions to be assigned to various tenure types (leasehold, supported, etc), as well as the management of warranty or defect repairs. It’s the perfect combination of your processes and our expertise.

For an informal chat about the benefits that ida™ could have for you, contact Justine Quick – Director – Strategic Accounts – Property at

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