Our contact centre received a call from a resident to make us aware that there had been a fire at their property.

The fire service believed that this fire had been started due to faulty wiring to the washing machine. They requested that we deploy an electrician to the property to assess the situation, make it safe and restore power. Thankfully, there had been no injuries but there had been significant damage caused to the washing machine, the floor and the countertops in the kitchen.

Our advisor followed the process requested by our client, we escalated to the regional contact for the area to make them aware of what had happened. The regional contact then authorised that our advisor could make arrangements for alternative accommodation for the resident should the electrician be unable to restore the power to the property. Our advisor also passed on the incident report to the Night Team to make them aware, just in case the electrician had not attended in time for the shift change.

“I was conscious that my shift was due to end soon and we had not resolved the call. I wanted to make sure that the Night Team knew what had happened and what they should be doing. I can trust my colleagues, but I was still worried about not being able to see it through to completion myself.” – The Advisor who took the call.

The electrician was able to attend the property before the shift change, and they were also able to restore the power to the property, so a decant wasn’t needed for this call. The advisor who took the initial call was able to see it through to completion, and it was the best possible outcome for the resident.